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    The Easymatching FCU selection software is developed by POWERGRAND company. It is a powerful selection software specially for all series of our fan coil units. All rights reserved by Jiangsu Powergrand HVAC Industry Co.,Ltd.
    The selection software includes detailed technical information 11 series of fan coil units,altogether 200 models.Detailed functions are as follows:Project information,including project name,area,and environment data of projectsite.
    1.Select suitable product based on the input data such as inlet temperature,water temperature,water flow etc.
    2.Exportdetailed selection report.
    3.Sum up total selection report enclosed detailed quotation automatically.
    4.Various unit of capacity,air volume,water flow,and air Pressure are for option.
    5.The software is with the function of modification of price.


    The software need to be set up with the environment of Microsoft.NET Framework Version2.0. Click the file of setuo.exe to begin.In the process of setting up,the software can check whether computer is with the environment of Microsoft.NET Framework Version2.0. If the computer operating system is with out Microsoft.NET Framework Version2.0,the software will remind users to set up it first.At this moment,please quit first,then run the Microsoft.NET Framework Version2.0 installation,and then run setup.exe again.

    This software is free for our customers£¡ Download Please.

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